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Let's Celebrate! Athleta Brand Ambassadorship + 20th Anniversary



Super excited and honored to represent Athleta as a Brand Ambassador via their Georgetown storefront!!

I absolutely love this brand and all that it represents. Not only are the clothes super cute and cozy, but this GAP sister Store takes it up a notch by being ethical (Certified B Corp. Status)!, empowering and community driven. Forty percent of Athleta apparel is made of recycled and sustainable materials and the brand is hoping to raise that percentage significantly to 80% by 2020, #swoon. The brand has also recently become a PLUS member of the Fashion Positive initiative, an organization dedicated to creating fashion without waste or compromise in efforts to promote a circular economy. 

Beyond being an amazingly ethical brand, Athleta’s  #powerofshe campaign works to activate the limitless potential of women and girls from all walks of life through a healthy mind, body and spirit. During my time teaching with them I've had the opportunity to meet some powerful women in wellness, each shining light on different aspects of health and all of them dedicated to living, promoting and supporting an empowered existence.

Starting this upcoming month I will be teaming up with Athleta to offer fun and FREE sessions for you. This Thursday, August 9th we kick it all off with an Ambassador reveal party and celebrate Athleta's 20th Year Anniversary at the Georgetown Location with free food, open wine bar, live music, FREE stretch demo, and more. As a token of appreciation we are also giving away 20 free prizes and 20 SWAG Bags . Please be sure to bring yourself, a buddy and sign up for our newsletter to stay posted on upcoming events!  

See you at the party!


Wild Woman Interview: Tracee Stanley

Following that part of myself that knows and knows that it knows is where my power lies.

How do you connect to your vital wild?

When I am in nature I connect to the elements, the aspects and birth, death and rebirth. 

When do you feel most powerful?

I feel most powerful when I am tuned into the my truth and able to follow it. Following that part of myself that knows and knows that it knows is where my power lies.

What is one truth you would love for other women to know?

The one truth I want other women to know is that they are radiant and powerful. That the real freedom and power lies in collaboration and cooperation without competition, jealousy or agenda. When we truly and wholeheartedly celebrate another's success we amplify our own power.

What is your magic and how will you share it with others?

My magic is helping other’s identify their unique magic and to create personal practices and rituals that will help them to move beyond the doubt and fear that hold them back fully stepping into their power.  

What is one wellness item you would take with you on a stranded island?

My one item would be a bottle of abyhangha oil. So I could warm my oil up in the sun and do a daily self massage. 

What is a book / quote that inspires you? 

The book that has been inspiring me for years is The Four Desires by Rod Stryker. He lays out a systematic and accessible approach to move beyond limiting beliefs and to move more into alignment with dharma.

Learn more about Tracee on her website: https://traceeyoga.com/

Instagram: @tracee_stanley

Vital Wild

Photo by Spencer Bentley

Photo by Spencer Bentley

In complete darkness I met myself. Alone and uncovered, facing trauma of my past and present. I scanned through my entirety, my conditionings and everything I thought I hated about myself and sat quietly. It was a scary place, but I had to face the full truth of who I was. It was time for me to elevate. The outside world wasn't here to cheer me on. I had to connect with the shadows of my being and fill them with light on my own. It was time to be fully accountable for the wellness of my spirit. In this space I met my vital wild.

I picked up Women Who Run With The Wolves back in 2009 after having my daughter, Yazi and found it to be a great read during my time at home with her. As I dug deeper into the teachings of Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes' , I explored self-identity and learned how to nurture my multidimensional womanhood. I connected to who I truly was without the bells and whistles. My vital wild was me in my entirety, the good and the parts I struggled to care for.  I learned that every part of myself was worthy of love and from there I worked on being more unconditional toward myself.

As I continue to grow, I find new ways to fill my cup so that I may pour into others, practice includes yoga, meditation, journaling and a multitude of sacred rituals. My journey has afforded me many wonderful opportunities to connect with other women who are on the path of self-discovery and I feel inspired to serve as a bridge to connect women through the power of self-actualization and self-care through sustainable healing practices. It is my mission to promote the exploration of womanhood, through collective and individual wellness. My name is Sihnuu, I am a Wild Woman.


5 Self Care Practices in 10mins

Bra and Legging by  Athleta

Bra and Legging by Athleta


It's the end of the week, how do you plan doing your body good? Self care is the foundation of success in work, relationships and life overall. When we take a pause to offer ourselves the maintenance we need, we can be more efficient in our undertakings. We are more loving toward ourselves, others and as a result can live a more fulfilling existence. 

If you're thinking to yourself, "what pause?" Your week is hectic, your list of things to do doesn't stop on Friday, you are always on the go, there's still hope for you too. In fact, if you find yourself to be extremely busy, taking a few minutes of self care is particularly crucial for you in order to avoid burnout. Below I've listed 5 self care practices that can be done in under 10 minutes. Try them out and let us know how you feel.


1. Brain Dump Journaling: It's known that with a clear mind we can make more sound and confident decisions. However, with so much on our plate it can become easy to let too many thoughts take over and that's when things can get a bit chaotic. One solution for this is to take 10 minutes out of the day to sit with every thought that arises and write them in your journal as they come. This exercise helps to reduce the feeling of overwhelm, mental clutter and aids in the organization of thought. When you see everything that clogs your headspace on paper you can begin to prioritize. At another time you can return to the list and tend to the thoughts that plague your mind in a more productive way by either letting go or meditating on healthy solutions. Try Brain Dump Journaling once a week and let us know how you feel. 


2. Tea time: Not only is tea delicious, its also a great way to slow down and spend some time with self (or a buddy). Green tea has polyphenols, a compound that fights against cancer and inflammation. Special tea blends have properties that promote calm, cleanses the body and boosts energy levels. One of my favorite teas spots in the D.C.area is Calabash Tea where they literally ask, "How do you feel?" and, "How would you like to feel today?"  I love to grab their Matcha Maca Latte in the middle of the day to get gentle pick me up for when I still have a list of things to do. Bonus: they also put super cute Affirmations on the cup lids. Looove!! Ok, it's tea time. 


3. Affirmations:  There is no thing greater at sealing the deal than something in writing. "I am enough and have everything I need to be successful." Affirmations are good for reminding us of our own greatness and potential. When we stick with them, affirmations become confirmation that our thoughts are in alignment with and in control of our reality. We are able to convince our minds that we are enough and as we repeat these affirmations they become more powerful. Affirmations can be written or said aloud daily and even multiple times throughout the day. They literally take no time. Start by writing 5 affirming statements and let your list grow. 


4. A walk around the block: I truly believe that nature is one of the best therapists. When I feel in need of nurturing energy, I take a trip outdoors.  Being outside can promote calm, mindfulness, reduce stress, muscle tension and heart rate. Nature reminds us of regeneration, allowing old thoughts and ways that no longer serve us to die off like leaves of winter to make room for new life at spring. 


5. Meditation: One of my favorite things to do when my mind feels rushed is to meditate. I slow down my breath and body to connect to where am in the moment. In a meditative state the pituitary gland releases endorphins in the body that tell us,  "I'm happy." This is often why we find ourselves in a state of "bliss" whenever a meditation is complete. It takes very little time to journey inward. Slow the breath, calm the mind and connect your highest state of self. 


What are some other mini self care practices we can add to the list?


To learn more about Calabash Tea visit: https://www.calabashdc.com


Join Sihnuu and learn more about meditation here.

The Focus Inward: Seeing Clearly with the Drishti


Energy grows where energy flows. The Drishti challenges us to ask our selves, "What's the focus here?" On our mats we look to the Drishti as a way to create and maintain balance, internal steadiness and stability.  We call on the Drishti to help us focus inward and find stillness during meditation.  Through this technique we also find proper alignment in our asana practice in poses like tree to maintain balance, toward the lifted hand in reverse warrior and beyond the shoulder in spinal twists. How can the Dristhi help in our everyday existence?

In a yoga practice we find the Drishti by setting the eyes on an unmoving point. We connect to the fifth limb, Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses) and Dharana (one pointed attention). If we can apply this same practice to how we move throughout our day to day we can offer  full awareness and 100 percent effort to all that we do. Focusing in on a Drishti trains the body to follow the mind with intention, strengthens our ability to connect and is also a great exercise for improving vision.  

Using the Drishti is a great tool to transcend the body and it's senses. We are able to travel inward, connect to the breath and move beyond physical and mental limitation. 

Three ways to focus your Drishti:

1. Notice your thoughts, focus on connecting to productive thinking and allow self defeating thought to pass as it arises. Plant the seed of positivity in your life and nurture it with care.

2. During your wait in line for coffee, at the metro or waiting for that last kernel of popcorn to pop, shift your focus to your connection to the earth. How are you rooting down? What is your posture saying? Are you exercising patience? Are you fully connected to your surroundings? Can you stand tall no matter where you are or what you are doing?

3. When people speak to you are you actually listening? Take a moment to focus in on what a person is actually saying. Tune in with intention. Show your care by giving your undivided attention to what they are expressing to you. 

What are some other ways you find focus in your everyday life?

Yours in wellness,