Photo by Spencer Bentley

Photo by Spencer Bentley

The Mending Space: Miami

Jun 08, 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Location: Miami, FL

Envision a tranquil and sacred space cultivated by a village of sister healers and light workers who are not only dedicated to assisting you with unpacking any extra baggage you’ve been carrying around but also guiding you to walk through your spiritual door and unwrap your divine feminine magic. Imagine nestling into a majestic all inclusive day filled with yoga, an intimate sacred sister circle, empowerment exercises, & self-care workshops. Imagine immersing yourself in a space where you will learn mystical crafts practiced by the women of your ancestors, perform rituals and life changing exercises that will awaken the conjurer in you and jump start your evolution into a new womanhood of walking into your power and magick. Visualize gathering with sisters just like you in a safe, sacred, environment where judgment is not allowed and you are afforded all the space you need to be honest, vulnerable, raw and release all internal blockages so that you can finally: bless, release, and restore your peace.