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Wild Woman Feature: Nandi Gabremedhin


Black Girl Yoga DC’s first gathering, Harvest The Spirit: A Fall Equinox Celebration takes place this Sunday, September 22nd! Last week I had the honor of sitting down with our guide for the morning, DC Kundalini Yoga instructor, business owner, mother and friend, Nandi Gabremedhin. I am so excited to get on the mat with her. Learn a little more about who she is below!

1. How do you connect to your vital wild / truest self?

Meditation and daily Sadhana are my latest way of connecting to my truest self. For when in meditation at the Amrit Vela truly allows for you to filter thoughts and clear the sun conscious. As for the wild part I can get to that part when traveling and adventure is add or meet up with my true sisters is a way to connect to the true and wild me! 

2. When do you feel most powerful? 

I feel most powerful when I am truly happy with myself! When I don’t have to think twice, when I don’t allow myself to react and instead respond to whatever or whomever. When I allow my truest feeling to be free and my voice is I un-muted is power to me!

3. What is one truth you would love for other women to know?

I don’t know it all, just because I’m a yogi doesn’t mean I don’t have stress or don’t get angry it just means I working on putting tools in my chest to help me navigate this challenging life with elevation and pure radiance.  

4. What is your magic / divine purpose and how will you share it with others?

There is magic in my smile and the ability to connect with others that are inspired from what and how I create and honor myself and family. I’m still working on knowing my total purpose however I’m working on ways to share more Kundalini Yoga & Meditation as our community desperately needs it! Being a lighthouse for others to learn how to connect with there truest self.. 

5. What is one wellness item you would take with you on a stranded island?

Young Living Everyday Essentials which is actually more than one oil but it’s like a survival kit for oils and contains the top 6-8 oils you’d need. If I could only have 1 I’d have to say Thebes! Hopefully this island has other gems, lol. 

6 What is a book / quote that inspires you?

This is from my teacher training textbook that I’ve been reading all year and go back to quite often cause there is always something to relearn or something new to know! Here is a simple quote that resinates with me. I truly believe that this quotes speaks to part of my divine purpose. 

“Travel Light, live light, spread the light, be the light” - Yogi Bhajan 

To meet Nandi and learn more about her teachings join us this Sunday! https://blackgirlyogadcpresentsharvest.splashthat.com/