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#SihnuuHealingSpaces : #Myofascial Therapy 


Today’s #tbt is doubling as an accurate depiction of my post #MyofascialRelease Therapy #mood.🏾‍♀️

Yesterday I started my morning with The Still Point, a super cozy spa centered in Takoma Park, MD. I’ve stepped into this space a few times to peep the scene and speak with a few practitioners, but never received a full service, but yesterday I tried something new. Ihad heard of myofascial release from a few of my fellow #Yogis, but had only known the method through the use of a tennis ball. Ryan at #TheStillPoint expanded my scope. 

But first...What is fascia, you ask? It is said that our fascia is like a sweater inside of our bodies and if one thread is jacked up the entire sweater is too! Fascia has the appearance of gauze and is the connective tissue that encloses muscles, surrounds the nerves and encases the organs in a web of fibrous spiderweb like collagen from head to toe. 

When we experience physical trauma, inflammation, wear and tear from repetition scar tissue and even emotional trauma anywhere in our bodies it can  affect other areas and we create tightness in our fascia. This is why this form of therapy can be especially beneficial for yogis, runners, swimmers, any person who uses their body in a demanding way consistently or anyone who experiences chronic pain and discomfort inside of their body. 

The session took an hour and it felt great to just lay on a table and be! Ryan incorporated light to heavy pressure massage, guided breathing, hot towels and assisted stretching in targeted areas of my body to lengthen connective tissue and relieve me of any tightness and restriction. 

After my session if felt open, definitely heard less cracks and pops and experienced an overall sense of ease moving through my day.  

If you are ever in the Takoma Park area I would definitely take some time to explore the unique massage offerings The Still Point has. What healing module should I try for my next #SihnuuHealingSpaces adveunture? Comment below!