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An Attitude of Gratitude: Let's Find Our Bliss


It seems when we are stripped down to nothing, we start to appreciate the few things that we actually have. Why is this? You can consider gratitude a muscle that has to be worked. The truth is, we are not born knowing how to be grateful. The brain's main function is to keep us alive. We literally have to teach ourselves how to experience gratitude and make it a habit that sticks.

The energy of gratitude lies in the heart chakra.  It is through the heart that we experience feelings of sympathy, empathy, and love. It is here that you find your connection to our mother (Earth) and human kind. This universal experience radiates in the heart and is shared from one being to the next: It connects us all. This is energy you want to have in your heart, and surprisingly, we all have access to it!

I unlocked the spirit of gratitude while visiting Costa Rica.  Being in such a beautiful green place, it was obvious I would catch some heart chakra energy. Once I slowed down and immersed myself in the environment, met the people, and ate the amazing food, my heart was beaming with love. I was radiating. 

“What IS this extra energy?!” I asked myself.

It filled my soul to the brim and brought tears to my eyes: ALAS! It was the feeling of gratitude. I was so grateful the universe saw fit for me to be there in that moment, living love. I couldn't contain my joy. I was thankful for the air that I was breathing, the plants that beared the fruit I ate. Each and every little thing made me so grateful. 

We must fill up on these experiences of gratitude and keep them with us, safe until we need them to remind us of the light.  Gratitude is helpful in times of doubt, helpful in times of stillness, and helpful during your highest triumphs.  It is literally the gift that keeps giving. It is a gift that I would like to help unlock in all of you! Through reiki energy I am able to release any blockages of the heart chakra and create movement. With a good positive flow of energy, you can jump start the lowest of heart chakras. I am looking forward to sharing my energy with you all this Sunday’s Gratitude Flow.

Love and Light,

Cierra Ross

Grateful heart in Costa Rica.

Grateful heart in Costa Rica.

Cierra Ross is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Spiritual Advisor based in Washington, DC. While on a journey to live a modern life of wellness, Rossy quickly found her calling as a reiki master-- helping over 300 people with chakra energy imbalances. Cierra is on a mission to merge Eastern and western medicine using age old traditions with modern techniques and can be found hosting meditation classes, chakra workshops, and teaching the practice of reiki to those who desire to learn the craft.