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#SihnuuSpaces: An Evening Afloat



Views from Thursday night’s float. As a full time yoga instructor, I’m learning the importance of #bodywork to keep my physical and mental in tact.  One of the first healing modules I decided to explore on my hunt for the best self-care practice here in DC was floating. 

Floating has been around for a while now  and is making a major comeback on the wellness scene. It was invented in the mid 1950's by neuro-scientist Dr. John Lilly. Floatation therapy tanks were originally named "sensory deprivation tanks” living up to their name by offering the people the space to drift into the Theta state, an unmatched state of relaxation.  I had the pleasure of spending my Thursday evening afloat with DC’s own, @soulexspadc.

 My 1hr session was equipped with with   water set at my body’s temperature, 1000 lbs of pharmaceutical grade epsom salt, colorful soft lighting and all of the blissful feels. In addition to being super relaxing, floating has some major benefits:

  1. One hour of floating is equivalent to 8 hours of sleep 

  2. One hour of floating is equivalent to 4 hours of meditation.

    3. Floating reduces anxiety, symptoms of depression and stress.

    4. Floating enhances mental focus and creativity. 

    5. Floating is great for chronic injuries and increases physical performance.

Although I initially I struggled with settling in, after about 10 minutes of of being my body felt light. I was able to tap in fully without any external stimulation whatsoever.(rare)! Overall I’d say this experience would be beneficial for anyone who is  in need of a good uninterrupted slow down. It can be particularly beneficial for people like me who are constantly using their bodies. Floating encourages structural realignment which is great for speedy recovery from injury and workouts. All in all floating is my jam and I’d def love to try it again.

What healing module do you all think I should I try next?? Comment below!


Yours in wellness,

Sihnuu ♥️